Sitka 2 Enterprises LLC and its associated companies were created by C.W.Hitz (Chaz) in support of all his many passions, ideas, and products he has created was involved with or is currently developing.  

Mr. Hitz’s first job out of high school was working for a printing shop where he learned a great deal about graphic arts and the printing industry.  

In 1985, Mr. Hitz’s next career was with Boeing Company which in participated in until he retired in 2015.  His 30-year career included work as a Manufacturing Engineer in the beginning and with the majority years as an IT professional.  


Chaz had the opportunity to be a part of many interesting and well-known commercial aircraft Boeing programs such as the 747-400, 777, 737-400 to -900.  He worked in various origination within the Boeing Commercial which included Manufacturing, Flight Test, Facilities, and Commercial Airline Support.  


Boeing allowed him to hone his skills in computer development and designs which included programming, design, analysis, and other aspect related to the creation and design of small and large scale production and business systems.


Chaz has a number of masters degrees in information systems, business management, and engineering technology.  He also has certifications in digital forensics and agile.